Our Mission:

To Educate and entertain homeowners across the Carolinas and beyond with information they can use and believe. To become engaged in the education of our youth for a more purposed filled tomorrow. Looking to a more sustainable way of life, making this world better for all. 

About Your House Family Member of the Week

Our Family Member this week highlights Green Collar Crew. Home building has vastly improved over the last five years but not soon enough to ensure homes like yours were built to be comfortable, healthy and energy efficient. All is not lost however! Their mission is to help one Charlotte, North Carolina family at a time to turn your home into a truly high performance home. They understand however that you may not be able to implement all of their recommendations at once so they will work hard to develop an Action Plan that works for you and can be implemented in stages. They’ll focus first on measures that will provide the largest comfort and energy efficiency return-on-investment and will return later when your budget allows. They commit to making sure any improvements we do for you will be high quality, on time and within budget and will take advantage of all available rebates and incentives.

Head over to the Family tab under Energy Audits to learn more about their great services. 


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Introducing the ROC…Charlotte’s New Trade School

Mentors…money…supplies…industry involvement…this is what we need! 

Charlotte has an amazing opportunity at hand to change the world. Introducing The ROC…Rebuilding Opportunities in Construction. This is a collaboration between several large organizations to provide innovative construction career and technical training programs for adults and students. CPCC, Goodwill Industries, CMS and other local […]

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Owens Chimney Systems

Owens Chimney Systems is a locally owned and operated company that has been serving Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas since 1989, making the Carolina‚Äôs safer one chimney at a time. Being in business all these years has given them the kind of experience our customers have come to rely […]

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AYH Family and what it means…

A while back, I had the notion that if folks could have one place to go to find good help then maybe it would be beneficial. One place where they could go to get honest, dependable, real help. For their home, for their yards, cars, bodies, lives! Then and there […]