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To Educate and entertain homeowners across the Carolinas and beyond with information they can use and believe. To become engaged in the education of our youth for a more purposed filled tomorrow. Looking to a more sustainable way of life, building a better world for all. 

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Support About Your House Radio and our mission to Put Tools In Schools! We are building our rosters to go into CMS classrooms in 2019. Click here to contact us! And click on the image to the left to watch a video from Ray Terry as he checks in from Greensboro, NC at the SkillsUSA competition 2019!

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  • STEM at Eastway Middle School

Put Tools In Schools Update Jan.29, 2019

Put Tools in Schools teams up with Eastway Middle School

Eastway Middle School is embracing Put Tools in Schools and our first hour with 15-20 kids is February 27th! The principal is already looking three years out for this program in her school. That shows us how much they want and […]

Put Tools In Schools

Listen in as Ray Terry, host of About Your House Radio, talks about what is missing in the education system AND what we can do about it. 

Go to the Education tab on the website to learn more or contact Ray Terry directly at ayhray@gmail.com.



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